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SiDM Art Market #2: 'Christmas is Coming'

The second-ever Art Market at Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Interactive Media took place a week ago on the 30th of November! It was for alumni to come back and sell all sorts of stuff! From Succulents, to Fan Art prints, Keychains, and even Toys.

It was my first time boothing in about 8 years, and guys.. I TRULY ENJOYED MYSELF. It was really such a pleasure to get to meet the other insanely talented alumni, as well as the current students who were all super nice. We don’t really get much opportunity to deal with traditional mediums in our faculty, so I was super apprehensive going in with what I had because it was a big difference to what they’re used to seeing. But I was pleasantly surprised at how good sales were! (sure does give me hope as an artist HAHA)

Going in, I wanted my booth to be tactile and experiential. So I had a small set-up where people who bought my Inktober prints could top-up a little extra and learn how to make them metallic! The lenticular prints were a hit too. Makes me wish I made more designs! (and I will, real soon!) “Grow Your Own Monstera” was something special that has been crawling around in my head and I finally had the opportunity to execute. It got me looking for print shops who could meet me where my ideals were and from a recommendation of a friend, I found Danlim Print Lab. They’ve been absolutely amazing to work with and even delivered at a great pace and quality. If you’re looking to buy prints from my Store, rest assured that the quality is top-notch!

Friends of David and mine, came by to support and chit-chat too! They all grabbed chairs and turned the space next to my booth into a mini-lounge area where everyone just sat and caught up. Definitely one of my highlights!

I really got to benefit from David being a staff member of the faculty and a lecturer because his students and colleagues would drop by and buy stuff off my booth or say ‘Hi!’. I haven’t been in touch with my schoolmates so this was a good opportunity to catch up with some old friends, as well as make some new ones.

The market really whet my appetite and I’m looking into places where I can exhibit or sell my art. So hit me up if you’d like to collab! I’ll be working on larger pieces next year!

I’ll definitely be back for more next year, and will be keeping my eyes peeled for more opportunities, so if you’re in the vicinity, POP BY AND SAY HI!